Top 5 Luxury Destinations In The World

Prior to picking a destination, consider your definition of luxury. For a few tourists, nothing more than white-glove service will do. Private butler service is not simply a good touch, it is necessary. For other people, luxury suggests a private beach which you could enjoy without the noise of the city. The gourmet meal dished up in a table within a celebrity chef’s kitchen is what a lot of people’s understanding of the greatest luxury. Your concept of luxury will determine your travel plans nearly as much as your financial budget.

Keep in mind that service could make or break a luxurious experience. Make sure to read through reviews of the accommodations, restaurants, as well as tour firms that you are thinking about. This may appear to be a no-brainer, but travelers are always shocked at gaps in service.

Regardless of whether you are planning a honeymoon vacation, a family retreat, a friends weekend, or perhaps a romantic getaway for 2, our guide to the earth’s best luxury destinations will drive you into the right path.

Have you ever wondered where the world’s luxurious place to unwind and relax during summer or winter season? Listed here are the top five luxury destinations around the world.

1. Bahamas


Just like a scattered chain of pearls, the islands of the Bahamas extend off their most northerly spot (lower than an hour’s flight coming from Miami) south all over 500 miles along the Caribbean Sea. As the site of Columbus’s first landfall in the America’s, the Bahamas have got a very long history onto their stunning beaches. You can find 2,000 islands as well as cays, the Bahamas are the place to find several of the finest beaches on earth.

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Discover historical and contemporary Nassau and World Heritage Sites, all while experiencing aqua blue ocean views. Go to the Bahama islands to unwind in the most remote white-sand beaches, have a boating journey to uncover spectacular islands and swim over coral reefs. You could run away into the stunning islands of The Bahamas by getting a 3-8 day luxury cruises into the best ports of this island. Also, you can experience the private island life upon Half Moon Cay.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada


The biggest city in Nevada, Las Vegas is based on the desert, encompassed by baron hills. The large resort hotels coating the renowned “Strip,” along with their glowing lighting, water fountains, as well as recreated glamorous locations from cities all over the world, provide an exciting and fun escape from the desert landscape. Las Vegas is an excellent spot to visit year-round; it’s cooler winter climate is helpful for sightseeing and tours, and in summer, when the temperature could go above 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the hotel pools grow to be a fundamental part of the daytime pursuits.

Ville perdue au milieu du désert, Las Vegas reste la ville incontournable pour les gros ou petits joueurs de casino. Las Vegas est fondée vers 1855 dans le désert du Nevada par une colonie de mormons. Aujourd'hui, Las Vegas n'est plus la petite ville agricole de ses débuts. Las Vegas, c'est plus de 120 000 chambres d'hôtel et la première ville hôtelière au monde. Une ville de lumière, de décors aux multiples paillettes, Las Vegas est la ville des superlatifs.

The town bills itself is called The Entertainment Capital of the World, and it is renowned for its huge casino-hotels and associated enjoyment.Vegas is also home to over fifty percent of the world’s 40 largest hotels, and also the “smallest” have more than 2,500 rooms.

3. Athens, Greece


Historic and modern, with the same measures of grunge and style, vibrant Athens is really a heady combination of history and edginess. Famous ancient monuments mix with first-rate museums, vibrant cafes and also al fresco dining – and it’s completely fun.

Athens, Greece

The ancient center is an open-air museum, however, the city’s social and cultural life happens among all these historic attractions, combining past and present. The spectacular Acropolis goes up above the vast metropolis and it has endured witness to the city’s numerous changes.


Athens, even just in the face of present economic problems, is plainly more classy and sophisticated than in the past. Elegant restaurants, stores, and stylish hotels, as well as artsy-industrial communities and amusement places including Gazi, show Athens’ contemporary face.

The British Virgin Islands


Covering over fifty islands, spread all around almost 1000 square miles, and home to lots of villas, hotels, resorts, as well as anchorages, the British Virgin Islands could be reached simply with a lot of effort. The simplest way to traverse the territory is through boat: moving from a single island to another, resting within million stars.


Several of the best sailing chances on the Caribbean could be experienced in the British Virgin Islands and regardless of whether you’re a newbie or an experienced sailor, it’s an excellent spot to develop your own sailing skills. To get a fantastic ‘sail and stay’ holiday, consider renting a luxury yacht for just a week and then going for a week on land at our featured luxury resorts.

Bora Bora


This small isle around French Polynesia burns up a huge hole in lots of visitors’ pockets. Even though the island is gorgeous and provides a luxurious experience, the average night staying on the island will cost you no less than $800 – with meals included. There’s also the little problem to get there; airfare into the center of the South Pacific isn’t really cheap nowadays. Nonetheless, Bora Bora draws in its fair share of personalities, business elite as well as political magnates.


Except if your heart is already set in Bora Bora particularly, you can select from several lesser-known destinations in French Polynesia, several of which have got lesser rates because of the lowered demand as well as a less developed tourist popularity. This suggests you can overcome the crowds of people – that is almost like getting one’s own island for half the price. When it should be Bora Bora, make sure to seek out all-inclusive holiday deals and hotels that provide discounted rates when you book several nights.