About Us

140 Luxury Tours is a world major service provider of customized luxury travel experiences. We provide luxury travels at very competitive rates. We cover all things like cultural spots, natural wonders, the very best restaurants, health spas and sites to go shopping, historical monuments, events, celebrations, food, as well as the pleasantness of the people through dynamic, entertaining and genuine stories concerning their life.

For us, venturing anywhere in the world, is really personal. It’s about interacting with the best people, figuring out which place to go, getting the right contacts; however it is also about discovering the exciting and new, uncovering amazing places, the finest local restaurants, the most amazing spots and luxury accommodations. And it’s also about sharing this with other people. To you!


140 Luxury Mission:

It’s the mission of Luxury Tours to offer luxurious, well planned, enjoyable and unforgettable travel experiences and events. We’re particularly dedicated to guaranteeing that your special needs are provided with smooth travel experiences of your life.

  • We focus on the special needs of every individual
  • We spend much time on the clients, not the competitors
  • Our passion & dedication enable us to do more with less
  • We work hard to earn trust
  • We communicate always to be honest and transparent
  • We value Customer Service

Do you want to discover more about the world? Do you want to experience the ultimate luxurious tour? Do you want an in-depth review with the place and people from different areas on earth?

Then you have come to the absolute right place!