5 Most Expensive Hotels In The World

How often did you wonder what’s the most expensive hotel around or what are Top 5 most expensive hotels on earth? Well, we’re right here to offer that answer as well as an inside view of the thing that makes each deserving of the 5 top list.

If you love traveling and so the quality is a lot more essential than other things, this spots can make you desire that your getaway will last for a lifetime! In terms of luxury, such hotels already have it all and they’re simply waiting in making your stay as unforgettable as possible.

5. Atlantis Resort Hotel, Dubai & Bahamas


Now looking into the $20K amount every night, Atlantis Resort Hotel is really a perfect instance of what no limit spending can make in regards to a luxurious location!


Not just the whole place is situated upon an artificially made island, however it serves one of the very most amazing water parks on earth! Having the label of The Most Expensive Grand Opening of the Hotel of all time, a typical vacation here will most surely get you into six figure property with regards to the costs. Despite having Dubai being among the best destinations for luxury globally, the Atlantis managed to get half way into the top 5 most expensive hotels on earth list!

Value: $ 24,000 every night.

4. Royal Penthouse Suite in the President Wilson Hotel, Geneva


For most of us spending more than $30,000 for just one night in a hotel is unimaginable! President Wilson Hotel makes it to the top 4 position giving amenities which you couldn’t probably utilize them all while having your stay, however the choices are there. Black card service is available for your whole stay and it’s difficult to think that there can be much more expensive hotels around!


Pool, wings as well as a huge flat-screen TV are simply a little section of the facilities of the Royal Penthouse Suite. At around 1530 sq. meters, you can actually become lost. You will find a crystal clear swimming pool which includes a wonderful look at Lake Geneva.

Value: $ 33,000 (around EUR 27,600) every night.

3. Ty Warner Penthouse in the Four Season, New York


The Four Season Hotel around Manhattan is really a landmark of class and luxury! The actual 400 sq. foot Ty Warner Penthouse in the Four Seasons provides a fantastic view of New York. The balconies are created from glass and also the apartment features high vaulted roofs to as much as 7.60.


Now it is a symbol of status for those who will most likely never go bankrupt throughout their lives!

Value: $ 34,000 (around 28,400 euros) every night.

2. Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in the Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada


The palms Casino Resort Hotel around Las Vegas Nevada is definitely the 2nd most costly hotel on earth! The spot in which big ballers go to blow away their funds! A lot of them are expert poker gamers which make millions around the city and so are simply having fun!


Invest the evening as being the Playboy founder: within the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa: Certainly this is possible. The 930-square-meter suite is placed above 2 floors, features a 24-hour butler, a revolving bed beneath a mirrored roof as well as a floating 700,000 dollar Jacuzzi.

Value: $ 40,000 (33,400 euros) every night.

1. Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens


Coming from outside, the more costly hotel suite on earth already appears much like a fairly simple single-family home. However the Royal Villa features everything: The swimming pool is warmed up along with a steam room. You will love a wonderful view of the sea as well as Athens of approximately forty kilometers away. There’s even a privately owned beach, a private servant as well as personal pianists are offered.


Stunning sights, extraordinary food, luxurious vehicles, European ladies, this area is definitely the glimpse of what money can get! The Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens, Greece has long been visited by almost all of the big stars.

Value: $ 50,000 (41,800 euros) every night.